The laughing Christ

Today is Trinity Sunday. A festival that invites us to consider what images of God we hold dear. Perhaps it is a Crucifix, or an illustration in a Children’s Bible or perhaps it is a work of art which we have seen in a gallery.

These pictures are often more powerful than we imagine. They shape our image of God and the way in which we pray and think about him. Indeed the Old Testament contains many warnings about images of God and the way in which they can never contain him. Of course, the supreme image of God is Jesus Christ and it is through him that we know who God is.

The image above is called the ‘Laughing Christ’ and is one that I find particularly powerful. The Bible does not report that Jesus laughed but he did go to weddings, tell stories, play with children, tie his questioners in knots and have to deal with those were surprised by God’s love. I doubt that he could have done this and kept a straight face.

So as we celebrate God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit today let us also give thanks afor a God who cries, smiles and laughs with us.


  1. Dear readers, of all my posts on my blog this one is the most widely read. something over 450 times. And I'm curious to know why? Is it the image, is it that we never think of Christ laughing or is it that people are trying to get their head around the Trinity. Leave me your comments, what brought you here?

    1. I was searching for an image of the Laughing Christ, which I had seen before, and which I want to include in the book of memories, images, and poetry that I'm making for my step dad and sister and dear friends of my mother's for my mother's upcoming memorial service. I'm glad I found your blog, though - I love the name, and I hope to be back when my life has settled back down a bit.

  2. Sir, I found this post as a result of a search on Google for "Laughing Christ". My Brother and I had a favorite Priest-- Name was Fr. Gervase, God rest his blessed soul-- and a print of the Laughing Christ was a favorite earthly possession of his. He was an amazing Man, mentor and friend; and today, my Brother recollected a story to me about Gervase, and this picture was at the center of that story. I am humbled to have happened across it on your blog. Thank you kindly and may God bless you and keep you.

  3. I was looking on the Web for the series of paintings entitled "The Laughing Christ" commissioned by a Sydney business person and taken to the Edinburgh Fringe about 5 years ago. The complete set was displayed at our church (Canberra Baptist) about that time.

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  5. I was just looking for pictures of the human side Jesus when I found this .
    May god bless you for your work.
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  6. I stumbled onto this page while attempting to document a Gnostic myth a friend told me about. This story holds that as Jesus' physical body was dying on the cross, his spirit (ie, his real essence, the "True Christ") stood nearby laughing at those who thought they had killed him.

    I don't know if this story is in one of the so-called "Gnostic Gospels" or if my friend just made it up, but that's how I got here.

  7. Live. Laugh. Love. Jesus did! :)

  8. My mom often says she loves the laughing Christ picture. My dad identifies with Joseph: working dad, prayerful, strong leader, caring & gentle (his favorite bible story is wedding in Cana, where he says Joseph must have said, "Mary, you go with Jesus, they're your family. I'm gonna stay & work, ok? Go, bring gifts, have a good time!"

    My parents lead by example: volunteering, Big Bros/Sisters, CCD, homeless shelters, animal shelters, Scouts, transporting friends who need rides, behind the scenes at parades, mentoring & just being there for coffee to listen to other folks.
    I try to raise our son in their fashion & my sister's tried as well with her kids. There are so many aspects to each day we live that we all gotta find fun somewhere & Jesus must have also! :-)

  9. Can here after doing a google search for the laughing Christ. The title of your blog coupled with the article made it seem you were against this image and I was curious why. Googling this image because of the praise given it by M. L'Engel in her work Walking on Water.

  10. Rev. John Marshall23 November 2017 at 14:32

    Came on here while writing a sermon and looking for ideas on how to illustrate that Jesus was filled with joy, and that the only way we can have true joy is to have his joy. "These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full." John 15:11